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Who's the Hottest? ;)

Who is the hottest out of One Direction?
Niall James Horan
Louis William Tomlinson
Harry Edward Styles
Zayn Jawaad Malik
Liam James Payne

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  • marihan1d

    08/04/2016 00:17

    anybody here??

  • HYara

    27/06/2015 10:32

    Thank you for Adding me directioners..
    Love you all.

  • HYara

    14/06/2015 06:33

    hello directioners

  • coleen.espiritu

    05/06/2015 01:16

    hi <3

  • aliaguinaldo

    15/03/2015 06:48

    Hello Directioners!!

  • harry,s_bae_21

    08/02/2015 04:39

    Hey ppl wat up

  • ~Directioner~

    11/01/2015 03:09

    Hiii is anyone on here???

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    16/10/2014 02:26

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  • mina.malik

    28/09/2014 16:09


  • angellynhoran

    26/09/2014 07:21

    hey gals! im form Philippines

  • phy.ernii

    23/09/2014 15:09

    hy. i'm new here. I'am from Indonesia

  • nica.joy

    20/09/2014 14:14

    hi !!! im new here.. can we be friends ???

  • zhista.malik

    09/09/2014 14:07

    hi guys..
    pls follow me on http://onedirectionsocial.com/Zhista_Malik

  • Aracelli.Styles.Horan

    08/09/2014 03:47

    I'm new here. Please, someone will want be my friend? I'm peruvian... kisses for all


    30/08/2014 13:03

    hi i'm new here. you can add me if you want lets be friends hahaha <3


Did you see GQ magazine?

I can't believe what GQ magazine said about One Direction! GQ magazine calls Harry Styles a womanizer and makes Louis Tomlinson a complete jerk. They say Niall is a lazy pig, "Zayn brings the swagger" and Liam is havier, rockier, cooler. Here are ...

31/07/2013 13:21


does anybodyknow how to make a group

19/07/2013 00:19


HELLO GUYS!..I am MJoanne!..From Philippines..Im New Here!...and I Love One Direction!...

24/06/2013 13:44

Want to know where the boys are almost every single second of their life ;)

Just wait for the newest update!

02/08/2012 09:31

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